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    Hmmm... Business Sunday.

    Interview: AMP CEO Andrew Mohl
    Helen McCombie speaks with Andrew Mohl, CEO on the AMP, about the life and times of this once-mighty Australian financial services group. Mr Mohl says the company's UK situation will be tough to fix up, that the AMP board will be looking for an open and easy exchange of views, that disclosure will be vital and that the Australian business is still doing well.

    Interview: Telstra CEO Ziggy Switkowski
    Ali Moore talks live in the studio with Telstra, CEO Ziggy Switkowski. Profits down, dividends up … shareholders to get more income, despite the battering the share price has taken in recent months culminating in the trashing after the Reach write-off in Asia. But shareholders will like the higher, full-franked payout and life in the future for Telstra will switch from growth to just keeping up with the broader economy.

    WOW! Another good result
    Helen McCombie also speaks with Woolworths' CEO Roger Corbett. Sharply higher dividend, profits, cash flow and an attractive buyout and the strong prospects of more to come in 18 months time ... and yet this very good performance has been overshadowed by the problems at AMP and Southcorp.


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