Business Sunday

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    Hmmm... tomorrow in Business Sunday ...

    This week on Business Sunday ...

    Will St George stay independent?
    Helen McCombie speaks to Gail Kelly, CEO of St George Bank, about the bank's strong interim
    result and Ms Kelly's new strategy, especially with the bank subject to continuing takeover
    speculation when controls disappear at the end of June.

    NAB's record profits and future restructure
    Michael Pascoe talks with Frank Cicutto, CEO of the National Australia Bank, about the
    National's strong interim result, the continuing fallout of its restructuring plans revealed
    last month and the wash-up of the Homeside debacle in the US.

    Explosive results!
    Helen McCombie also speaks with Malcolm Broomhead, CEO of explosives and chemicals group, Orica,
    which revealed a better than expected rebound in earnings, thanks mostly to the changes started
    by former management.

    What's happening in the market?
    Ali Moore takes a look at the stock market's skittishness and nervousness over profit and
    operational problems in companies.

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