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    Hmmm... This week on Business Sunday.

    Besieged industrial services group
    Michael Pascoe talks to Don Argus, chairman of Brambles Industries, about his company's loss of market rating, profit downgrade and management concerns, as well as the investor unease with the group and its European pallet operations

    Qantas stake in Air NZ
    Qantas CEO Geoff Dixon speaks with Helen McCombie about the proposal to buy a 22.5 percent stake in Air New Zealand for $520 million, a deal that's seeing opposition grow, especially in New Zealand.

    Has it been a great year?
    Michael Pascoe takes a look back at 2002 in an extraordinary "Extraordinaries". Michael reflects back on HIH Insurance, profit downgrades, executives failing upwards and rich to boot, and contrary markets making investors crabby ... and he asks the big question — has it been a great year?

    This is only my view ... read the red stuff.
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