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    WA parliament passes brothel bill
    Wednesday Apr 2 13:13 AEDT
    The West Australian parliament has passed a controversial bill which will decriminalise brothels and give prostitutes basic working rights including superannuation and workers compensation.

    The bill, passed Tuesday night, will see the regulation of brothels and escort agencies in WA, where prostitution is legal but running a brothel is not. Nor is living off the earnings of prostitution.

    WA's Liberal opposition opposed the legislation but it passed with the support of independent MP Shelley Archer in exchange for the promise of drug, alcohol and sex education programs for Aboriginal children in the northern Kimberley region.

    Opposition police spokesman Rob Johnson has renewed earlier criticism of the proposed laws, saying it would lead to increased activity by sex workers in suburban areas.

    "What you will see now is a massive escalation of what I would call "mini brothels" operating in residential streets," he told ABC radio.

    "You could see one opening up next door to you in a very short space of time."

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