bush's role in cultural evolution?

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    Bush's Role in Cultural Evolution

    With the emergence of Republican crony capitalism, western religion has raised its supernatural head for the last time, in an effort to control the world and the reality we live, in the name of the few, in blindly approaching its own prophetic end. Bush and several of his cronies, hack religious "theologians," are self-ordained as agents of "god" in the implementation of a "crusade" against "evil" and self-proclaimed warriors in the battles of the apocalypse. In keeping with its apocalyptic vision, the Bush administration's last hurrah for religious despotism is already dead in principle, and current evolutionary frameworks, when extrapolated into tomorrow, would suggest that it is not going to be very long lived.

    The exponential growth of religious crony capitalism began in 1980 with Reagan's pandering to the religious right for votes. This movement achieved regional dominion in 1994, when the Southern Baptist Convention took over the Texas Republican Party. It achieved national dominion two years ago when Old Testament "compassionate" conservatism was brought directly into American government by the supremely political appointment of George Bush and several like-minded corporate cronies and inside traders. This absolute breech of America's contract between church and state constituted the death of Jefferson's Democracy.

    In order for the Bush administration to fulfill religious prophecy by discrediting religious morality and crony capitalism in the eyes of the world, it would be essential for the Bush players and followers to be absolutely blind to what they are really doing and why they are doing it. This, of course, is precisely the case in America today, where conservatives continue to teflonize and tolerate the self-righteousness and belligerence which the Bush administration administers in their names.

    So, while the religious Bush regime is hoping to implement a global economic and religious dominion, it is far more likely, if not certain from evolutionary perspectives, that the Bush regime will utterly discredit itself in the eyes of the world and put an end to religion-based right-wing political philosophy forever. Given the administration's underlying religious zeal (upon which their actions are based), this is almost certainly the only outcome. There is also, to be sure, a profound sense of evolutionary necessity in this.

    The goal of crony American capitalism, of course, is to make the entire world just like contemporary America, full of people who will consume to the best of their abilities and abide a corrupt crony capitalism. Unfortunately, the World Watch Institute has calculated that making the world just like America would require almost four additional planets. Consumerism and crony capitalism on a global scale is not only unattainable but also unsustainable, except in the eyes of those whom Jefferson referred to as "fools or charlatans." Because it is blindly attempting the physically impossible, the Bush administration has no option but to fail. Fail it will, because Bush's agenda is so entirely out of step with evolutionary imperatives and global necessity.

    Given the fact that Democracy has been around for over 200 years and has been adopted by dozens of nations, it is now simply too late to expect that a new western imperialism will long survive world opinion, especially in those democracies having noticeably greater concern for the people and their rights than contemporary America. It is, after all, Biblically prophetic that the people will have their say, their day of judgment against millennia of self-righteous, despotic dominion by the rich, and this will be a global judgment.

    If there would be any common denominator beneath the moral and fiscal bankruptcy of modern social systems, be it communism in Russia or democracy in America, it would be the rich and powerful, those who attempt to compromise the values and principles of their social systems to no one's benefit but their own. Jefferson said it all in pointing out that "Merchants have no country. The mere spot they stand on does not constitute so strong an attachment as that from which they draw their gains." In Bush's quest to seek out and destroy "evil" in the world, he has conveniently blinded himself to and is fully aligned with its root causes, i.e., greed, ignorance, vengeance-based moralities and old-fashioned self-rightousness. This shortcoming is something of a prerequisite for any would-be anti-Christ.

    Sitting near the top of the curve for western capitalistic dominion, we can ask how long is the road to Bush's inevitable apocalypse? How long until the curve crashes to the ground in global disgrace? How long until the people will have their day of judgment against cultural world views that promote the rich and the self-righteous? How long until we realize, as did Abraham Lincoln, that all capital comes from labor, that economic systems start at the bottom with those who do the work? It all depends on when we, the people, decide to give up the Hamiltonian bill of goods sold to us after World War II and return to the Jeffersonian values from which we, as a people, emerged. If we give up the pursuit of money for pursuit of an honest family, community, national and spiritual life, we would quickly learn that, despite all of our current wealth, we have no where to go but up.

    Human decisions are best made on the basis of what we know and what we care about. Money is not even part of the equation. Money is something we look for once we decide what we are going to do. We best get back to doing Democracy. Its just the way the world works, and it is the way the world works best. 04,17.03

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