bush backs extreme view on sex

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    I find it pretty difficult to disagree with Bush's stand on extra- and pre-marital sex. When 1 in 5 US adults have a sexually transmitted disease, millions of them due to chlamydia which causes sterility in some women (and so they all head to China/Asia to get babies) and to virus diseases which never go away but cause cancer and have devastating effects on babies being born through infected birth canals, I reckon I would want to promote abstenance.

    Bush backs extreme view on sex
    By Mark Sherman in Washington
    December 3, 2004

    ABSTINENCE education programs embraced by President George W. Bush and used in 25 US states contain false and misleading information about contraception, abortion and sexually transmitted diseases, a Democratic lawmaker said.

    The programs will receive $170 million ($218 million) in the current government spending year, more than double what the government was spending when Mr Bush took office in 2001. The abstinence curriculum may not include instruction in contraceptive use as a condition of federal funding.

    But a report from Representative Henry Waxman said that 11 of the 13 most widely used programs underestimate the effectiveness of condoms in preventing pregnancy and the spread of disease, exaggerate the prevalence of emotional and physical distress following abortion, blur science and religion or get fundamental scientific facts wrong.

    Alma Golden, the deputy assistant Health and Human Services Secretary for population affairs, said the report took statements out of context to present the programs in the worst possible light.

    "These issues have been raised before and discredited," Ms Golden said.

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