bush’s lies on the chile model exposed! -

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    There is a consensus throughout the Chilean political spectrum, that the Chile model of Social Security privatization has {failed,} a Chilean thinktanker told EIR yesterday. Yet this is the model which the insane George W. Bush still insists should be rammed through in the United States!

    Crazy, manic Bush held another meeting on Social Security on Dec. 9, this time with the Social Security trustees and his Commission, to try to figure out how to push this new Enron swindle forward. But, too bad for him, one of the members of his Commission made public statements that demonstrated that the President {lied} when he said he wouldn’t cut Social Security benefits with his “reform.” Steven Goss, a member of Bush’s Commission and of Social Security actuarial board, told the press that the privatization play would result in an actual cut of benefits, to the tune of $18 trillion over next 75 years. And Jim Kolbe, one of the authors of the several privatization schemes, held a press conference presenting his bill, which the CBO has demonstrated would also {cut} benefits from presently set levels right away.

    Clearly, Bush has made the political mistake that can bring him down. Already, Democrats {and} Republicans are targetting him for his attempt to destroy Social Security. Some Republicans say, just lie about it. Others say you had better slow down, because this is going to blow up in your face.

    We are going to ensure it blows up in Bush’s face, and wakes up a lot of those idiots who voted for the lunatic who now wants to kill your grandmother by slashing and destroying FDR’s Social Security program. As outlined in a radio interview he did in Vermont yesterday, our no-holds-barred campaign against Bush’s {fascist} privatization program will feed the campaign to expose the illegal voter suppression that has apparently given Bush the Presidency, and create conditions for a possible challenge to the certification of the election. This is a fight we have to win -- or we’re on our way to the concentration camp.

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