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burning fuel while circling

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    Koooks - you strike me as a reasonable person?

    Some of your theories are too close to your sleeve and are at times purely speculative, stand back from it. I too can be blamed for having a bad thread day and I think you are having one today. We are all guilty of it from time to time. It’s all good, enjoy it, keep a stiff upper lip oll chap.

    We are all in the hands of air traffic control in a holding pattern burning fuel while we circle. Lets hope we don't run out of fuel in the meantime... But I suspect we won’t that’s why I put some hard earned in on Friday, and saw spooks in the trading pattern that I questioned.

    All will come to fruition when the general market settles, when that is is anyone’s guess. My horoscope said it will happen soon, if not Ill smash that crystal ball.

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