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*** BUNDY 4 BANDA ***

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    I suggest that in the true spirit of Hardmen, when Banda spuds we should all buy a bottle of Bundy and on the first trace of oil...DRINK the basta#d.

    Now on a couple of other points. I am over Ching 2, They found what they were looking for, it will be within estimated parameters so lets move on.

    Share price movement is because there was no news in last report and t+3 and nervous nellies are bailing out. I don't mind price drops on low volumes.

    Now Banda, (which I thought that was to be known as Ching-3) That's where we'll see price movements with volume, players getting set and players pumping money in or out depending on results, it will be Ching 1 all over again, make or break for HDR. That's where the game is one or lost, that's what I am holding for and I can't wait till kick off.

    This prospect is located approximately 21 kilometres to the east of
    the Chinguetti discovery and is targeting a sand channel system
    similar to that in which oil was encountered in Chinguetti-1. Hardman
    has estimated that the Banda Prospect has potential reserves
    (statistical mean value) of 290 million barrels recoverable.

    It's the same type of play and apparently, if there's oil in one,there's oil in them all.

    BRING IT ON !!!
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Currently unlisted public company.

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