bum lovers...no thanks

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    Men Love Their Bottoms More Than Women
    Fri Feb 28, 9:24 AM ET

    LONDON (Reuters) - Britons care little about their bottoms, but most of those who do are men, a survey show.

    Less than 10 percent of those British 16 to 65 year-olds asked, cared or thought about their bums, the survey released Thursday by toilet tissue producer Velvet found.

    "Our research reveals that just seven percent of the nation currently love their bum," said Velvet's Nina Lavery.

    But among those who do care, men felt more strongly. Some 60 percent of those who "love their bum" were male.

    Over 90 percent of British women did not see their posterior as their best feature, thinking of themselves as pear-shaped with weight around the hips, bum and thighs.

    "It doesn't matter what shape or size your bum is, we believe you should love it," Lavery said.

    The same survey crowned pop star Kylie Minogue's and England football captain David Beckham's bottoms the country's "most loved celebrity bums."

    Velvet surveyed 1,050 people.
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