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    re: bully boy tactics and more ... Hi, CATDOG.

    What VPE have produced is dust so far.When they can prove otherwise, then i'll get interested.Used to be a top 20 holder and all they did was wast my time and $$$'s.

    HDR on the other hand are under valued and are going to orbit. When they start to produce and the market wakes up to them.

    CUE have no hang ups so they will do well $0.05c is cheep buying atm and can't stay this low for long.The big surprise will be the PNG to QLD pipe line if it goes ahead.They'll be able to sell dirrect and not only for CUE but others such as OSH & STO.

    ARQ is going places they should make a dollar i picked them last year and made some $$$.

    NWE will go places as well most of their permits are in the Perth basin and it's heating up over there.

    Poor WON they have a serious problem called funds i'm not sure if their pospectus is being taken up.They will have a very dilluted Co in the end.I'm wondering what they'll do next to keep their shareholders happy.

    I have been a holder of them all at one stage.Have been bitten and or loved by them.And so it goes with the ups and downs.Hope we all make the `A` trades.


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