Bulls v's Bears

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    The bull v's bear saga continues. This it what makes our markets, particularly now with the high volatilty. The bulls think the bottom has been reached and the bears think there is some way to go on the downside. Personally I am not a bottom picker, as I like to keep my fingers clean. Is there any justification and reward for actually picking the bottom of the market? Why would you risk or gamble doing so? No one can pick the bottom of the market until a sustained sideways movement or uptrend has formed and thus providing hindsight as the actual bottom. Until now a downtrend has prevailed, so you can go ahead and call a bottom that isn't there yet. How much more money will you make if you happen to be lucky and pick the bottom compared to waiting until it has formed? I suspect you will end up losing from the many attempts at this. Just be patient and don't rush to get back in to the market if thinking of going long. Trade the market as it is at the moment, short. Don't be greedy.

    I am personally bearish at the moment and am not willing to call bargains today as tomorrow they may turn against you. Volatility can make you huge gains but also huge losses.

    Psychology is the most important aspect of trading, it is what will separate you from the rest.

    Just my thoughts.

    Happy gazing.


    I hold OXR.
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