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bullish intra day chart...

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    This thing is poised to rally higher to the close...

    If so, then the direction for the rest of the week has been defined.

    A close of 22.5c would be right on the upper bollinger, which would bring everything back into balance, effectively cancelling out all activity for the last two sessions.

    Only difference of course would be the underlying shift in register profile...which in my view has been significant today.

    Imagie another trading halt in the much going on, only so many hours in the day to prepare announcments...especially when you have only recently left Angola.

    What have, Catabola, CDB...and maybe even more on the refinery and indeed Kwanza on and offshore concessions.

    Another left field?

    Might be a matter of simply releasing announcements as they are prepared, especially if the company is comfortable that the details thereof have been kept under wraps within the company.

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