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bulletin story on us gas crisis

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    A story in this week's Bulletin (available on the bulletin website) by Ivor Ries has presented the current gas crisis in the United as an excellent opportunity for Australian gas producers "over the next two to three years" to supply LNG to America. What he failed to quote in Alan Greenspan's latest testimony to the House of Reps Energy Committee was that the US does not have adequate facilities (LNG Terminals) to receive LNG and these will have to be built over a number of years. The real Aussie beneficiaries of the gas crisis in the US are shareholders in Australian companies producing there like BHP and WPL and junior such as FAR, AMU and PSA. PSA is the best positioned of these latter three given its current production from the GOM and this no doubt partlyaccounts for the recent strengthening in its share price. But FAR and AMU also stand to benefit from gas prices double and at times triple longer term average prices if only they can up the activity on their leases.
    It is no wonder too that Santos has joined Woodside have joined BHP in the GOM realising that despite years of production there is still a lot more gas to be produced from this highly prospective area. We will hear a lot more about this energy problem I'm sure.
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