bull run pileup hurts 63*****

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    Bull run pileup hurts 63
    August 28, 2005

    Pileup ... A bull throws a young runner into the air during a bull run in San Sebastian de los Reyes, near Madrid /AP A RUNNING of the bulls in a Spanish town outside the capital today left 63 people injured after the crowd was trapped at the entrance to the bullring.

    San Sebastian de los Reyes, about 15km north of Madrid, holds a week-long festival each summer in which the adventurous run through the streets with bulls weighing as much as 600kg.
    The festive crowd was momentarily caught in a bottleneck at the bullring's entrance where the run ends. Several bulls then clambered over the pile of people to get into the ring, causing the large number of injuries.

    Two people were seriously injured and underwent surgery in Madrid. Others were treated for minor cuts and bruises, according to Angel Pesquera, spokesman for the town's emergency unit. The earliest record of a bull run in San Sebastian de los Reyes is dated 1523

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