Bull Market just started ??

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    With the world markets jumping over 5% each overnight the question is have we seen the bottom and the bull markets in in place for a good rebounce or is this a dead cat bounce. Perhaps some of these stats might help you to make that decision.

    . All 86 sectors of the US markets were up last night. 34 of those 86 sectors up between 5% to 10%. I don't recall that had happened in the past.

    . Up volume is about 10 to 1 compare to down volume.

    . The Nasdaq has broke all 3 of its resistance at 1260, 1295, and 1315. It's now at 1335.

    . The Dow has also broke all 3 of its resistance at 8317, 8450, and 8630. It's now at 8711.

    Of course we don't expect our ASX will jump 3% today let alone 5% like the rest of the world markets. I just hope CBA breaks 30.50 and BHP recover a bit.
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