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bull bear chicken or chicken little

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    We all know that there are two types of traders, Bulls and Bears. Bulls go long while Bears choose to go short. Both these activities are positives for markets and provide liquidity.

    Then there are some who are Chicken and choose to sit in cash. That’s ok as everyone isn’t a Bull or a Bear. The ones in cash may have legitimate reasons for choosing the safe haven of cash which is now backed by the Government. To these folks, I say – good on you.

    The fourth category that I would like to introduce to you is the category of CHICKEN LITTLE. These are the people who never go long or short. They don’t take a position but sit out of the market and continuously call the market down.
    For example:
    If the DOW broke 10000 they would call for 9000.
    If the DOW then broke 9000 they would call for 8000.
    If the DOW broke 8000 they would call for 7000.
    When the DOW was in the 7000s they were calling for 5000.
    And IF the DOW went to 5000 they would call for 1000.
    Bottom line: THEY WILL NEVER BUY!!!!!!!!!!

    CHICHEN LITTLES WILL NEVER BUY OR SELL. They will never go long or short.
    Chicken Littles run around screaming “The Sky is falling down” picking at everything and tearing everything apart.
    Many invaded the XJO thread during October and are camped there. They pretend to wear the “No Stock Held” logo as a badge of honour. This should not be the case. Chicken Littles should not pretend that they are better traders than the Bulls or Bears.

    The Bull and Bears that traded and survived the Great Crash of October 2008 are the REAL HEROS. We survived wild swings of 10% + with the VIX over 100!
    We have earned the right to proclaim “I survived the Great Crash of 2008”!
    I congratulate you!

    Many of the traders who survived Oct 2008 will go on to become great traders. Many who traded and learned from the experience will become exceptional.

    I wish all traders of October 2008 good fortune.

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