bula prod. and oil sale for march2003

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    Bula Oilfield Production Update - March 2003

    Document date: Thu 03 Apr 2003 Published: Thu 03 Apr 2003 18:17:46
    Document No: 136268 Document part: A
    Market Flag: N
    Classification: Progress Report

    HOMEX - Adelaide

    Kalrez Petroleum (Seram) Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Kalrez
    Energy Ltd advises the Bula oilfield produced a total of 16,152
    barrels of crude oil for the month at an average rate of 521 barrels
    per day.

    In addition, 50,174 barrels were uplifted during the month, at Bula
    Indonesian Crude Price for March 2003 of US$ 28.28 per barrel.

    G(Joe) Mercorella

    For further information please contact:

    Mr Russell Brimage Mr Giuseppe (Joe) Mercorella
    Jakarta Office Adelaide Office
    Ph: 0011 6221 769 6977 Ph: 08 8239 2666
    Fax: 0015 6221 769 7012 Fax: 08 8239 1744
    Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected]

    Mr Eddie Smith
    Perth Office
    Ph: 08 9362 9330
    Fax: 08 9362 9331

    well well more oil sales for their 100% owned bula oil fields
    roughly another kool million aust $ or more coming in their coffers
    but wait theres more coming from their 2.5% interset in that lucrative oseil oil. ill post soon :)
    only a matter of time before the market revalues krz higher as it should be right now my opion only do your own research

    JOHN ^_^

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