bugs should 'wake up' ! .. says schultz, page-4

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    Know what you are saying. I think more than skill it is fairly time consuming. I was really stirring Dub up.

    My idea of "short selling" stocks is to play the market both ways. ie. if the market seems to be telling you you paid to much for your specky in the accumulation phase,why not get out and buy a few more at the same cost. Of course to make it worthwhile you have to forget "trading with the trend" and try to pick the top for an exit. That's the "skill part" (a good guess).

    I use Comsec so it costs me $33 in and out below $10k and $65 bucks is about the most I would pay on average for the rest. No doubt a full brokerage fee would be significant.

    If you do it a bit you can develop a sense of when to trade out and in.

    regards lrj.
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