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    Hi all,

    For those of you who are still out there kicking and trading, it might be worthwhile to have a look at some posts Budfox has placed on Gold-Eagle.

    I dont think there is much to say about the author himself as many traders will be familiar with the well known perth broker.

    I think they are well written and simple to understand- newbies should also have a read,, even though you might not share any interest in Gold/Silver/Commodities ,,as the views expressed concern global equity markets also.

    Budfox has now had around 10 articles published, all of which follow a similar theme and are especially focused on the Australian Market and Australian Stocks. Whether you agree with them or not, its a great change to be finally reading something thats more closer to home. And more importanly,, something thats not only accurate but represents a similar view shared by other gold/commodity enthusiasts, including myself.

    The link below contains all the posts written by budfox which are now archived on Gold-Eagle.


    Good luck to all.
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