buddhist thai teachers strike over death fears

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    Friday December 24, 01:00 AM

    Buddhist Thai teachers strike over death fears

    Thousands of schools in southern Thailand have been closed indefinitely after a walkout by Buddhist teachers who say they fear being killed by separatist Islamic militants.

    Teachers have been targeted during a year-long insurgency that has claimed more than 550 lives.

    The unprecedented walkout may close as many as 3,500 government-run schools across Thailand's three southern most provinces.

    For teachers the final straw was the murder of two colleagues who were killed on their way home from work.

    This year dozens of teachers have been shot or stabbed to death and scores of school buildings torched by arsonists.

    In some towns, teachers have been wearing bullet-proof vests and carrying weapons to defend themselves.

    The insurgency in southern Thailand has seen almost daily attacks on teachers as well as other symbols of state authority including the police, army and Buddhist monks.

    My comment: I'd walk out as well. Religious indoctrination has moulded these beings into cold blooded killing machines.

    They have relinquised, or not even taken up, their rights to make an informed conscious decision.
    Control over the brain (and body) is of utmost importance.
    Last night i watched a doco on stuttering. The guy had an extremely pronounced stutter that made him very difficult to understand. Yet when he picked up his baby and talked to it, his stutter completely vanished.
    I also saw on tv (i think) an article about a wheelchair bound man, who when was present at a music session, got up and started dancing. When the music stopped he returned to the wheelchair unable to get up again without the music.
    If one is not willing to take up the reins to ones mental state, then there is a high probability that one will become subject to bodily impuses, and at worst, the subject of someone elses controlling mental state.
    This is what i think has happened to these savages.
    JC was correct when he made the following statements.
    "Forgive them father for the have NFI".
    "It needs be that evil cometh into the world, but woe to him by whom it commeth".
    Ignorance will not excuse one from the consequences of ones actions.
    JC understood the nature of life on planet earth when he said, "be in the world but not of it"

    ps, i am not a christian. i just take note of the stuff JC (and others) say that makes sense to me. I spent years in the church with their indoctrination.
    It feels good to have pulled the plug on the bath water but to have kept the baby.

    peace (inner, that is), all.

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