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    solid base Joey in low 30's Kaz Hi Joey have been monitoring Kaz for quite sometime looks like a solid base forming in the low thirties region.
    From another forum Joey70----24/5/2002. ilrobbinrosso 24/5/02 10:55:21 PM
    solid base in low 30's slight improvement24/5 ilrobbinrosso 24/5/02 4:22:08 PM
    solid base in low 30's 23/5. ilrobbinrosso 23/5/02 3:40:51 PM
    34 Fidays close 17/5/2002 21/5/2002 35. ilrobbinrosso 21/5/02 12:46:44 PM
    consolidationlow30'supwardmoveKaz ilrobbinrosso 21/5/02 11:08:46 AM
    RE: basically a millionaire Kaz at all time lows ilrobbinrosso 21/5/02 9:43:14 AM
    relief of selling pressure S&P Free float ilrobbinrosso 21/5/02 4:28:46 AM
    Hi Horseman solid base low 30s contract/sector ilrobbinrosso 21/5/02 4:26:54 AM
    So what is the news? TheHorseman 20/5/02 5:49:05 PM
    RE:solid base ven moving up17/5/2002-20/5/2002 ilrobbinrosso 20/5/02 3:09:15 PM
    Cebit/28/5/2002 Aust/Tech/Park/16-18/7/2002 ilrobbinrosso 20/5/02 2:54:50 AM
    RE:solid base ven moving up slightly.17/5/2002. viking116 17/5/02 3:49:44 PM
    RE:solid base forming.--Kaz 17/5/2002. devilofoz 17/5/02 1:32:53 PM
    solid base forming.--Kaz 17/5/2002. viking116 17/5/02 1:19:37 PM
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Currently unlisted public company.

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