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BSG, CRS, NAL, KAZ and others- summary

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    Finally got some of this stock -
    Looks really promising.
    PE @2, good cash flow, unhedged.
    I gather the market at large have not really caught on to it yet.
    Any comments welcome.

    Also got CRS at .71 yesterday. I think this one is very POG sensitive with good cash flow.

    LHG - steady riser - steady stock.
    Any other good ones?

    I was hesitant about RSG - small volume and some manipulation upwards early this week. Also i am unclear as to the USD cash hedging - please advise.

    Nal: Did some research as biomed are my area of special interest - i think promising - low vol trade only - on down trend . FDA out soon about 4-8 week time frame. Huge market without competition, i know that transdermal delivery is vast market - eg TD fentanyl - only TD pain drug on market and has exceeded expectations in sales in market place, usually transdermal drugs are extremely costly and difficult to develop - as the stratum corneum in skin is a barrier difficult to formulate drugs to pass thru" - thus if you have a device that can prepare skin so that drugs can pass thru - little RD costs an limitless possibilities- Large drug comp will definitely buy the tech.
    This device is already approved for Australia use and awaiting FDA also.

    KAZ - bottom picking - but fundamentally good stock - as we saw this week has potential to break upwards easily - RE : Rally to 38 cents in late afternoon Monday.
    Worth a punt with little down side.

    ALL comments welcome

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Currently unlisted public company.

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