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BSG Bolnisi to move higher in next two weeks

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    Bit of a surprise today, when BSG Bolnisi announced the recent results of a drilling program. (2 holes drilled with 1 hole returning 138m grading 1.87% copper). Not bad for beginners.

    Although the real action I believe will happen in the next 2-3 weeks with the announcement of 4th quarter/annual results.

    To fill you in why,

    Bolnisi have a little gold mine in Eastern Europe that pumps out GOLD.

    Currently operating at approx US$150 an ounce, thats a clear +US$150 margin on production. Currently over 21,000 ounces per month. To save you the trouble I'm gunna punch in the numbers US$150*21,000 = US$3.15 Million per quarter. Its a 50/50JV OK so its half this.

    But WOW this is a cash cow.

    With a spike recently pushing the price up to nearer $320 for the last 3 months every US$10 increase adds US$0.2Million.

    Tightly held company.

    Check it out and put it on ya watch list.

    I own some of this sucker so if ya don't like what I'm sayin, put your fingers in ya ears, and close ya eyes.
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