brw_ barminco control this company.

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    The old Amalg Resources (Graham McGarry/Geoff Greenhill) is now controlled by Peter (Piggy) Bartlett and his Barminco Group. The grades reported are fabulous -but so much paper out there obviously not having any effect. Sandy Beaches - you would have to dig back into the old Amalg records to see what resources they claimed at Spargoville (because ASX will not automatically give past ann. when a company changes it's name -how ridiculous) I presume these Ni extensions in the pit were known or supposed -but we have no cross sections, no idea of tonnages etc etc. I further presume not much tonnage yet or this stock would fly on those grades.

    Amalg used to own the Burmill CIP plant south of Coolgardie -which incidentally had a nickel concentrating circuit -but not sure who owns that plant now. In any event Spargoville ore is very close by bitumen road to a number of treatment facilities so it could be a great money spinner -especially if they find more high grade ore.

    Piggy is in and out of everything -including BAR -but that did not work out too well !! I don't think the Red Baron has any connection with Barminco.
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