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    I'm wondering whether that BRW 'Case Study' article had anything to do with the retrace of the share price?

    A couple of stupid points mentioned at it's conclusion:
    "On its latest share price of $1.33, the company is capitalised at $216 million - a lot, considering it is only just entering its clinical testing phase."

    Yes, just entering its clinical phase, but remember that this is really a medical devices company and not strictly a biotech as such, hence, time to market of product will be significantly reduced unlike those of pharmaceutical companies.

    "...It will probably be six months before results from The Alfred's trials show whether that confidence is deserved."

    As Michael Spooner pointed out in the April 2003 newsletter....."Our announcements will take the form of joint periodic updates with information based on the accumulation of data relating to the safety of the VentrAssist. Updates will not refer to individual patients, although individual outcomes are very important, they won’t necessarily reflect the success of the entire trial, which is a safety trial of 10 patients.
    Our joint periodic updates will be designed to ensure that the market is kept progressively informed of all material developments."

    These updates will continually drive the SP up, and come 6mnths time, it will be > $3....NOT $1.30!

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