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    Someone brought this to my attention:


    Yes virtually all of the posters on this BB are full of it with one notable exclusion "Goblin". Goblin may be strident in his support of some stocks on this BB but from my information he is coming from a position of great knowledge of selected stocks. I started my research into Goblins background when I noticed his uncanny ability to pick winning stocks on this forum and reasoned that this sort of performance could only come from an individual with superior technical ability or inside knowledge (the good oil). What most people don't know is that Goblin is a board member of many of the companies he posts on, has contacts at the highest levels in boardrooms, management, brokerage houses and racing stables Australia wide. Through contacts at a large Australian ISP I was able to find out that the large majority of Goblins posts eminate from a PC at a highly exclusive Melbourne mens club where he is known to spend his days hobnobbing with some of Australia's corporate elite. We are in the presence of a real heavy hitter here m28.
    Turn Ma Gas off,


    By the way Brucerobertson are you already on my payroll or do I owe you? I reckon you are my butler playing games......lol
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