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    Browsing on the Internet, and just found this:

    May 11, 2003

    DEARBORN, MI (AP) -- Representatives of the Islamic rights group CAIR are seething over what they see as "anti-Muslim propaganda" in the Warner Brothers' Matrix: Reloaded, just days before the debut of the much-anticipated sequel.

    The group's leaders are upset that the free capital of the rebelling humans is referred to as "Zion," making the stars of the movie "Zionists." CAIR fears that young viewers will develop a bias against Palestinian and Arab groups, imagining the gun-toting digital enemies of film protagonist Neo (Keanu Reeves) to be Islamic fundamentalists. Such stereotyping, the group's leaders contend, casts a shadow of violence on all of Islam, which is "a religion of peace."

    CAIR representatives furthermore point to the resemblence of Matrix bad-guy Agent Smith (a brilliant Hugo Weaving) to Arab-American intellectual Edward Said.

    "The degree of racism and Islamophobia in this movie is just unaccaptable," says CAIR Research Director Dr. Mohamed Nimer. "Warner Brothers should be ashamed to put out such a film, which negates all of the great contributions our noble religion has made to society in the past 200 years."

    Nimer believes that perhaps the biggest danger presented by the film is that the film's star, hunky Keanu Reeves, bears striking similarity to a young Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, the architect of the 1982 Sabra and Shatilla massacres.

    "We are afraid that young viewers will come out of this movie with the wrong kinds of impressions, such as 'occupation is cool,' and 'Hamas and Hezbollah peace activists are dangerous.'"

    Nimer is also upset about what he sees as "subliminal anti-Arab messages" in a series of action figures to be released in promotional tie-ins with the film. For example, a playset being packaged with Chicken McNuggets involves bullet holes arranged in the shape of the Arabic word for "butthole," according to experts.

    Warner Brothers has refused to comment, but a spokesman privately called the complaints "ludicrous," pointing out, "Keanu Reeves doesn't even like Jews."
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