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    I do not understand the reason for you post

    On the 21/7/09 the share price was $1.82 and intersuisse price target was $2.20. Your sentiment was LT BUY and disclosure NO STOCK

    On the 24/8/09 the share price was $2.55. Your sentiment was HOLD and disclosure NO STOCK
    Your comment was "gonna buy some then saw P/E ratio"

    On the 5/10/09 the share price was $2.57. Your sentiment was HOLD and disclosure NO STOCK
    Your comment was "yes i would be wary of high PE stocks, sure there most likely will be growth in 2010, but the 09 PE is about 345345345"

    And tonight you have posted portion of a brokers report which stated that MMA is considered a hold. Your sentiment is NONE and disclosure NO STOCK

    So in the 4 postings you put into this forum over the last
    5 months the share price has gone from $1.82 to $3.15 and, refrained from purchasing stock

    The point I am making here is that brokers have continually changed their views on Mermaid Marine Australia, with agendas that conflict with investors. And the price targets set by these professionals is completely out of whack with reality. They are in "la la land"

    In my view MMA will continue to outperform the market full stop.

    As always my comments should not be taken personally and are not meant to be used as investment advice
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