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    re:Boring What, do you think your telling us something new,whats wrong with with you,who cares,the whole market is corrupt,its about making money and thats all that matters ,so if you havent got anything useful to say why carry on all day.And can you please take me off your mailing list,as I dont want to receive any more heart warming stories of how the big players are manipulating your stocks,and discrediting you,as if you know all,your kidding ,you cant be serious,can you ??,I think you are,you need councelling,a good physchiatrist.We saw your mentallity shine through in your comment on "interest rates" this morning.I dont know what happened to you,but ever since you were discredited from the other forum you have turned into a -uckwit,to put it mildly,maybe you have always been like this,maybe I should just put you on ignore
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