Broker to make 30%

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    Has anybody seen Tony's speculative portfolio ,be interested to see what stocks he hold to start this portfolio Sound like a pretty switched on broker

    Tony Cunningham is a respected PERTH Stockbroker his site internet site is

    Extracted from the net,posted on Hotcopper as a matter of interest,
    Maybe it is possible for a broker to make money for a client,?
    Unfortunately has not been my experience


    Tony Cunningham builds two portfolios using an imaginary $100,000.
    The long term growth investment portfolio is hoping for 15% return over the year and will not trade other than options being written on it.

    The speculative portfolio is a high risk portfolio looking for 30% return. This should be interesting to follow.

    The portfolio prices will be updated with each issue and Tony will justify the decisions behind the selections. This is a good opportunity to see how a broker tackles the stock market.

    Tony welcomes all comments - objective or otherwise and will attempt to answer as many questions as he can handle.

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