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    TIM - Looking ahead:

    Hi folks,

    TIM has been responding well to a
    particular time cycle, since 311298.

    In review:

    1. TIM has been responding to a regular
    cycle ... last turn being on 310701.

    2. TIM has also shown a strong correlation to
    the vibration of the number 31.

    3. Support and resistance channels, marked by
    Gann lines, have continued to support TIM.


    So now, it's almost TIME to consider another trade
    on TIM.

    During the last cycle, TIM responded with a
    39 + cent rally ... 111002 will see us looking
    to go long again.

    You will notice that TIM broke out of a month-long,
    flat trading period on 270902 ... exactly one year
    after the breakout, last year.

    Anniversaries are important .....!~!


    Trading strategy for this TIM trade will be to
    enter long on 111002, provided it is not below
    44 cents.

    If TIM breaks through .60 in the next 5 trading
    days until 111002, then that will trigger our
    long trade anyway.

    This trade will end on 220203 and/or if our price
    target of 39 cents above our entry on 111002,
    is reached before then.

    Of course, a trailing stop loss will be in force
    at all times.


    111002 also represents 30:49.3 degrees movement
    from the 310701 low ... just shy of that
    vibrational number 31.


    For the techies, introduce a Gann line, using
    1080/59 rise/run parameters, but being taken
    from zero(0) on 310701.

    Remember these lines are projected from a single
    point .....

    ..... you can see how it has supported the
    most recent rally, since the end of July, 02.

    That low in July, 02 also marked a double bottom
    pattern for TIM that took almost a year to

    Other positive indicators for TIM are the very
    tightly spaced moving averages and the fact that
    the price has remained above them, since the
    recent breakout.


    In short, key dates for TIM going forward may be:

    111002 - 220203 - 110403

    hope this helps some

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