Broker data required for IAU - Please

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    Hi all,
    I have been directed here to request some broker data by a fellow poster and hopefully somebody can help us with this information?

    We are after transaction detail for Intrepid Mines (IAU) for the date of the 10/10/17.
    There has been very tiny volume of this stock for months yet on this day 3% of the share capital was traded.
    Why do we ask? We believe there may be some wrong doings going on as there is a solid copper deposit with (inc BFS) previously with a fair value of between 35~48 Million and has been sold for 4.75 Million (pending share holder approval). This we believe is an absolute disgrace to long term holders as we have waited years for copper to improve its outlook and now we are here and the board have decided on a fire sale......

    Any help on the broker data would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks heaps.
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