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    re: re:problem with broadband I am on western power broadband, internet (2 connections 2 computers but only the 1 line) also 2 phones on the fibre optic broadband & the TV. We are the 'guinea pigs' for their new system which is very 'temperamental' which tends to send one 'mental' at times.After trying last nite & most of today this in my longest 'online' time 20min & before getting disconnected. During that time I have been connected 3 times & nothing came down the line(sites not loading).
    I cancelled my ISP but am seriously thinking a that dodo which has a cheapie at $10 a month may come in handy. I will be looking into it as at times like these this service is a big joke. When you ring & tell them what is not happening they do not tell you it is their system that is down, they act as thou nothing is wrong & almost makes you think the problem is 'this end'. Thats is why I deleted the hard drive on the other computer but cannot configure how to get back online. This is the back up 'puter. Always good to have a back up something even if it is only a full service broker on the phone.
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