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    To those who are interested,
    Read posts many months ago on broadband connectivity and in particular the frustrating problems people have had with their ISP's with disruption to service etc. in some instances people had spent hundreds and even thousands of dollars at their ISP's reccomendation in order to fix the problems that they were experiencing. In some instances people found that it was the ISP's network or their hardware (modem etc.) which was at fault!

    In my case:
    My broadband connection was working trouble free between 80% - 90% of the time. When it wasn't working I would get a variety of error messages stating " modem not connected etc.", in some instances if I restarted the computer a couple of times I'd regain the connection. Other times the connection would typically be down for a few hours - bloody annoying! particularly if you trading online etc.

    When the dropouts were not due to maintenence or upgrades of the network the ISP's help desk would repeatedly diagnose the following:

    - my computer has a virus
    - my computer has a firewall, preventing connectivity (my computer is not networked!)
    - my computer has software installed on it which is preventing connection

    In one instance the service desk instructed a family member to remove a program file !!!!!! not sure what it was to this day but it wasn't critical.

    This went one for about a year until over the last few days when it started dropping out a bit more than usual and for longer - during which time I missed out on some trading oppourtunities. Got pissed off and demanded someone come and check out the connection.

    They came next day and found that the connection on the street had corroded over time and was the sole cause of the connectivity problems.

    So if anyone is having problems and thay are not satisfied with the ISP's explanation get them to send someone out.

    Note: Over the last year the ISP on numerous occasions has issued 50% off the monthly bill etc. to customers due to "down time caused by network upgrades etc.". Its a nice gesture but not much comfort when u need to get on the net.

    Would anyone like to recommend an ISP? for others who are not satisfied

    In the past I have used IINET and have found them to be good.
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