UMC 0.00% $1.30 united minerals corporation nl


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    With a large portfolio of Iron stocks it was great to see the BRM result today. It should be a good reminder that UMC has lots of plusses over many other iron ore plays including BRM. As a holder of both I await UMC's day in the sun. Interestingly my portfolio is now several hundred thousand higher than the 31/12/2007 so it shows if you concentrate on the right sectors, the sharemarket has not all been bad this year. I remember the first credit crunch took UMC back to 37 cents, yet look how well it has faired this time around, think it shows people have far greater respect for UMC now.
    Will patiently wait for an even bigger day when UMC happens.
    PS Please do your own research, as no advice is given on any stocks I post on.
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