BRM 0.00% $2.53 brockman resources limited

brm 1.1blnt fe vs mmx 153mlnt fe

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    MMX - 153mlnt of ironore:
    a/ 69.6mlnt at 60.3%FE of DSO
    b/ 83.4mlnt at 42.3% FE (Benefication Feed)
    c/Market cap: $1.7bln

    BRM - 1.1blnt of iron ore:
    a/ [email protected]%FE of DSO
    b/ 1062mlnt at 44.2% FE (Benfication Feed) - equivalent to 500mlnt at +59%FE.
    c/ Market cap: $270mln

    1/ BRM's JORCs are 7 times MMX's resources.
    2/ MMX's market cap is 7 times BRM's MC.
    3/ MMX aims for 25mlntpa vs BRM: 10mltnpa.
    4/ Infrastrustures should not be a problem for both.

    I can see BRM still substantially undervalued, if MMX is for comparision purpose, BRM should gradually catch up to MMX. Did someone posted an article that said THE FIGHT IS ON for the institutions to jump on this new WORLD CLASS ironore company?

    $4 tomorrow....... might retrace but any price under $10 is cheap considering BHP, RIO & FMG are surrounding BRM's 1.1bln resources.
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