british terror alert!.

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    This is a sad sign of things to come, im just guessing these people are not hari krishna.
    Six questioned in toxin terror alert
    January 8 2003

    London: British police today questioned six men of north African origin after breaking up what appears to have been a plot to launch a terror attack using the deadly toxin ricin. There is no known antidote to ricin, which has the potential to be used as a bio-terror agent or a weapon of mass destruction.

    The six men were arrested by Scotland Yard's anti-terrorist branch in north and east London on January 5 after officers received intelligence information.

    Police said "equipment and materials" were found at an address in Wood Green where one of the men was arrested. A woman who was also arrested had been released, a police statement said.

    Ricin, one of the world's deadliest toxins - twice as deadly as cobra venom - is derived from the seeds and pods of the castor bean plant.

    Scotland Yard said it had worked with health officials throughout the investigation.

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