british dog their own war widow

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    Killed commando's widow ordered to repay salary
    April 15 2003, 6:34 AM

    The widow of a Royal Navy commando killed in Iraq has been asked to repay 10 days' salary which was paid after his death.

    Mechanic Ian Seymour, 28, died in a helicopter crash in Kuwait at the beginning of the war.

    Because he was not identified for 10 days, the Ministry of Defence continued to pay his salary into his bank account.

    It has now asked his wife Lianne to repay the money and move out of the Defence house in Dorset she shared with him and their three-year-old son Beck.

    "I just feel like I've been robbed of everything," Mrs Seymour told Britain's ITV News.

    "My husband's gone ... and just for the sake of 10 days' pay, they're telling me I have to make a repayment.

    "My husband died three weeks ago in a tragic accident. I'm supposed to be grieving his death but at the same time I'm having to worry about where I'll be living in six month's time."

    Mr Seymour was buried with full military honours last week.

    Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon has promised to look into the case, saying: "If that is true, that is very disappointing."

    Calls to the Ministry of Defence today were answered by a recorded message advising that the number was temporarily out of order.

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