brissie river update

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    The picnic seat i talked of is now under water. In 10 minutes on the river 7 pontoons have floated, or raced past. Actually there is a bend in the river and there is a serious eddy, but once they escape...Just down stream there is a pontoon in front of a block of apts. 3 times it has been wacked by floating pontoons. One went under the walkway, one turned over as it hit the pontoon and has not been seen, and one is still stuck under the walkway. Police and SES boats continue to rip up and down the river. Down towards to mouth and CBD the old Oxley water front restaurant is rumoured to be in serious threat. By waterfront i mean part floating and part on piles. That explains the lack of traffic from the city direction and all the sirens we heard an hour ago. Have sent the girlfriend off for more Bundy as the situation worsens. And now, back to the river... jwt
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