brisbane's next flood

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    Consideration should be given to immediately start lowering the target storage level of Wivenhoe Dam. The flood mitigation value would be increased at a time when there is not going to be any shortage of inflow for months. Population trauma and emergency services support would be somewhat reduced if we have a better start point for a repeat flood which could come in weeks rather than years.
    Politicians cannot rely on previous expert opinions re dam operations. There was obviously a major rain event on the way before the recent flooding of Brisbane and other areas. There is no question that much of the floodwater did not come via the dam catchment, but we should be more prepared and this is possible. Today the SEQ Water website indicated Wivenhoe Dam at 100.6%. It would be preferable to have a lower start point. It is not good enough to wait a year for the flood enquiry result.
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