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    Thanks. Articulated  in a much better way than I ever could have. I would like to add 2 points. First I was disappointed about the lack of response regarding the rent [email protected] Adding some detail and thought into all other points and dismissing  the rent point with "it is what it is" seems... well it just didn't address my frustrations. The second point is the payments. I work for a company and am performance managed and also paid based on these things called K.P.I's.

    The company uses these K.P.I's in order to measure my worth and from this I get bonuses and pay increases. Looking at the losses outlined in the last report coupled with the further dilution of my initial investment I would not rate this as a successful K.P.I.If the gamble does pay off down the line however then sure I would not only accept but also agree we pay the BOD there worth  plus bonuses. However fair is fair and while we have all invested our hard earned money and while the company is at it's early growth stage lets all agree that money being paid should reflect this stage. I also noted that their pay goes up YOY substantially regardless of performance. This simply just blows my mind that we all lay down and accept this. If they are simply that good and back themselves then back yourself and get paid based on agreed KPI's where is the incentive otherwise.

    Don't get me wrong I want this investment to work really badly I see a great future for the industry and the product. I just hope I have hitched my wagon to the right winning formula. My gut however is less than sure and needs more convincing. Can anyone on the BOD tell me how many CBD receptors the body actually has and where are the located in the body and what are their assumed utilization and potential benefits? If not I think we should have someone on the board that does.

    Oh and I forgot to add last time all in my own opinion of course.

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