Bring back union dominated Labor !

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    Subject: FW: Fantastic comment re Tony Abbott - - and it’s interesting - No wonder Labor, the left media and other malcontents are complaining about Tony Abbott and his government, he’s done NOTHING for the country since he took over from Labor in 2013 apart from.......................................
    1. Giving us the biggest fall in electricity prices on record following the abolition of the Carbon Tax. 2. Putting the People Smugglers out of business. Stop the Deaths at sea and save $3 billion on border protection costs - by stopping the boats. 3. Repealing the confidence sapping, counterproductive Mining Tax. 4. Finalizing a trifecta of free trade agreements; Sth Korea, Japan & China - providing untold opportunity for Australia. 5. Repairing Australia’s relationship with Indonesia. 6. After 50 years of duck shoving, making a decision on a Western Sydney Airport. 7. Cutting off taxpayer funding to the alarmist Tim Flannery. 8. Freeing up small businesses to grow by cutting $2 billion in red tape; 9. Seeing almost 120,000 new jobs created in 2014 - double the speed of 2013. 10. Breaking new ground on our relationship with India. 11. Started building the roads of the 21st century ? with Westconnex and M5 duplication underway. Unfortunately [Call me Dan] Andrews the newly minted Victorian labor Premier has decided that it is in Victorian's best interest to tear up the Westconnex contract and pay $1.1 Billion compensation to not build a Road and Tunnel...Genius; who pays? 12. Delivering large increases in Education spending, including a 50% increase for NSW public schools over the next 4 years. 13. Delivering a 9% year-on-year annual increase in Health Spending over the next 3 years. 14. Provide approvals for major new projects that will deliver over $1 trillion of output for Australia. 15. Started work on crucial job of repairing the Budget to bring it back under control. 16. Launched a record $50 billion infrastructure programme. 17. Paid $13.5 billion in interest on Labors Debt in 2014. 18. Established the Green Army, and has it up and running to improving local environments. 19. Increasing business confidence. 20. Live cattle exports back to record levels etc., etc. Yep, the squealers have a point, we should get rid of him and his government as quick as we can and put Labor back in charge as soon as we can before he does any more damage to the country!!!!!
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