Brian Rast had a bloody good day then a bloody bad one

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    American poker player Brian Rast had a good day at the Aussie Millions Poker Championship, then a really really bad (and quick) day


    EASY come, easy go, we guess.

    When you’re a big time poker pro touring the world, Australia is a long way to come to play cards. So even if you’ve won a very handy $315,000 at a major poker tournament at Melbourne’s Crown Casino, you kind of want more.
    (Hey, have you ever had a night out on the craft beers in Melbourne? That’ll wipe out a small African economy.)
    This is the story of US poker professional Brian Rast, who was one of 648 people to enter the 2015 Aussie Millions Poker Championship at Crown last week.

    Rast did pretty well, earning $315,000 for finishing fifth in the tournament that ended Sunday. Subtract his initial buy-in of $10,600 and that’s $304,400 of pure profit to blow on overpriced craft beers in a bleak and windswept but inexplicably popular Melbourne laneway bar.

    Or in Rast’s case, to spend on more poker.

    Oh by the way, the Aussie Millions main event was won, appropriately enough, by an Aussie, Manny Stavropoulos, who pocketed $1,385,500 for his troubles sometime really, really late on Sunday night. Onya Manny.
    Rast, meanwhile, had been eliminated from the Aussie Millions around dinnertime on Sunday. But he was clearly hungry for more poker. Luckily, there was a super high-roller event running concurrently. The LK Boutique tournament had started that same day, but registration was still open. Rast coughed up $250k and earned himself a late buy-in the following morning. That was Monday of this week.

    Now, the problem with starting late in a poker tournament is that you’re going to have a much shorter stacker than most of the players around you. That means you’ll be to put your chips all-in more often that you otherwise would.
    So it played out for Rast. On his third hand at the table, and the first he’d seriously contested, Rast went all-in with A-10. His opponent had A-Q, and the five community cards that came (cards available to both players to help make the best 5-card poker hand) were of no help.

    Just like that, Brian Rast was gone. “I almost made the final table,” he joked, which was funny because there were only 10 players left at this stage - and the final table has nine players.

    But it was also very unfunny, because Rast had just blown a quarter of a million in about three seconds.
    Rast is in Macau right now, playing more poker we assume. We’ve contacted him but haven’t heard a peep yet.
    For the record, the LK Boutique tournament was won by Phil Ivey for the third time in four years. For this, he pocketed a rather handy $2,205,000. The American is a poker phenomenon, widely regarded as the best player in the world.

    Like Tiger Woods, Ivey has also stayed in the Crown in Melbourne, although Ivey probably behaved himself better.
    Some call him the Tiger Woods of poker. Despite dominating his sport the way Tiger Woods once dominated golf, and depite being the same age as Tiger, and despite looking a little like Tiger, Ivey HATES the comparison. Sorry Phil, couldn’t resist.
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