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    Company Announcement
    Promising Breakthrough in Treatment of Liver Disease
    The Directors of Solagran Limited are pleased to announce that preliminary trials
    undertaken in accordance with the latest international protocols at the Institute of
    Experimental Medicine in St Petersburg have clearly demonstrated the potential for
    Bioeffective R to be used as a treatment for hepatitis, cirrhosis and other major liver
    In reviewing the results of this trial, Professor Elena Lapteva, the Professor of
    Gastroenterology at the St Petersburg Medical Academy of Postgraduate Studies
    (MAPS) and the coordinator of Solagran’s clinical trials program, said: “It is likely that
    Bioeffective R can be used not just for treatment of various types of hepatitis, but
    also in the treatment of liver damage caused by alcohol or drug abuse, as well as the
    side effects of certain medications. The trial showed the capacity of Bioeffective R to
    not only improve, but also restore protective anti-toxic liver function.”
    The trial involved removing part of the liver of white male rats. A toxin was then
    administered, and the rate at which the animals eliminated this toxin was used to
    assess liver function. The group of animals that received Bioeffective R not only
    regenerated the tissue that had been surgically removed, but also regained anti-toxic
    liver function levels comparable to those animals that were left intact. Anti-toxic liver
    function was not restored in animals that were treated with substances other than
    Bioeffective R.
    A detailed morphological study is now in progress under the direction of Professor
    Lapteva. This will include a full analysis of the morphological (or cellular) structure of
    the regenerated liver tissue. The results of this analysis will be announced within the
    next few weeks.
    The Board believes that these results vindicate the decision taken in May 2003 to
    widen its trials program from a narrow focus on Hepatitis A, B and C, to include other
    chronic liver diseases.
    Peter Stedwell
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