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breakout coming

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    Checkout the TAW chart. Its forming a very nice flag pattern. A breakout towards $1 and higher is very imminent. Possibly even tommorrow, if not, next week. It wants to go higher and IMO, it definately will.

    Options are being bought up at every chance and these are a great 'crystal ball' if you like. Get on board before its too late for what could be one of the worlds biggest diamond discoveries to date.

    BHP are their partners, good write ups in shares and bulletin. Valuations of $4.50 assuming the DAP contains diamonds. Remember, its a massive alluvial discovery containing un eroded kimberlite granites confirmed! and all of this only 6km downstream of the de beers mine which has been operating for 20 years. And in this area, it has been well documented that some 48 billion dollars of diamonds has been ewashed away into the surrounding region over time.

    Its a good bet, its tightly held with directors owning some 40% of the stock and with one director recently quoted as saying the stock price will go over 10 bucks if it proves to be what they think they have!

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