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Brand New Investors Newsletter Mentioning EML

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    interesting write up in the AFR about how EML will assist wildcard an app which promotes budgeting and saving. seems like a great idea and mentions how they are signing up 1000 customers per week and expecting 20,000 accounts by the end of the year.

    anyone know how much EML would make out of this? or how EML is benefited from the deal? interested to know how much per client they would be expected to make. wildcard is growing rapidly another great payment solution by EML by the looks of things.

    also surely the 1 big market cap gets hit tomorrow.
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    I was very surprised to see the number of accounts Wildcard expect to open - I signed up for the program (one of the first 100 EML issued Wildcard holders!) but never really understood their value proposition and benefits over my existing banking habits... maybe im too old. The card is insta-worthy and pretty sexy with the numbers hidden on the back of the card.

    As far as the income from this program, i think its best to think of it the same way as the gaming accounts. That is there will be an interchange fee on every transaction, which is split between EML and Wildcard. Rough calcs is 1c for EML for every $1 spent, could be more though. Plus there will also be interest on the stored value.

    I'll put it to you another way, Tom has been an extremely prudent in allocating resources for opportunities and won't go after verticals that don't stack up commercially. This is why EML has not been partnering with Neo-Banks (Xinja for example) who are attempting to offer products similar to the big banks - leave that space for Indue.

    I could be wrong but i think the program will be consistent with the other GPR programs as this is just a different use case of the technology.
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