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Brainchip meet DUO

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    Hi guys and gals

    I posted about a month ago that I thought Brainchip, a revolutionary artificial intelligence is coming to DUO.

    Brainchip presented at BBY roadshow in late 2014 with view to list on ASX.

    Since then I have been digging away an everything points to a big yes, it is !

    Many posters here have hinted, but not given it away. If you know of Brainchip, their hints make alot of sense.

    I asked a WA broker if it were true. He seemed surprised I knew and only replied "sit tight and see". He sounded very enthusiastic.

    After my 1st post I got an email from a soph who said he rang and spoke to Petet Made who created Brainchip. He said they could not discuss anything material because they had signed agreements and confidentiality clauses with a ASX company !

    It could be any shell, but I bet my bottom dollar it's DUO

    All of them are WA based

    BBY is on the register

    They said it was tech related, and one of the sophs posted a link to artificial intelligence. Someone has been leaving hints !

    If true, then I don't care about a few weeks delay to wrap it all up. I have been tucking stock away at .3c and the more I email and call, the more it points to Brainchip !

    Come on, someone give us a lead where DUO and Brainchip are in the same presso or article !

    What is Brainchip worth ? Who knows, but more than a lousy $1Mio we are at now

    It says in the article they need $6M for development. So let say it could be worth $10 or $15mio once funded

    I'm waitin for fireworks in a big big way
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