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    Every day this week when I have run Ad –aware I find this Key Logger, I have restricted my Internet connections to Hotcopper and Comsec sites so I guess it’s being installed by one of them..
    Anybody else finding this and is it something to be concerned about?????????

    BPK Keylogger (from McAfee site)

    Program Characteristics: This is a spyware application. It is not a virus or trojan, but is classified as a "potentially unwanted program" and may be detected accordingly with VirusScan 7 when scanning for potentially unwanted programs. The keylogger is designed to monitor system use. Information gathered includes:
    • Typed keystrokes including passwords
    • Screen shots
    • Websites visited
    • Windows clipboard
    Logged information may be emailed to a specified address, or FTPed to a specified account. Additionally the program attempts to run hidden and bypass firewall programs.
    Files associated with this program include:
    • apps.dat
    • bpk.bin
    • bpk.dat
    • bpk.exe
    • bsdhooks.dll
    • mc.dat
    • rinst.dat
    • rinst.exe
    • titles.dat
    • web.dll

    Ad-Aware details from my computer for today.

    ArchiveData(auto-quarantine- 2004-12-08 18-21-20.bckp)
    Referencefile : SE1R20 25.11.2004

    obj[0]=Regkey : clsid\{1e1b2879-88ff-11d3-8d96-d7acac95951a}
    obj[1]=RegValue : clsid\{1e1b2879-88ff-11d3-8d96-d7acac95951a} ""
    obj[2]=Regkey : pk.ie
    obj[3]=RegValue : pk.ie ""
    obj[4]=Regkey : pk.ie.1
    obj[5]=RegValue : pk.ie.1 ""
    obj[6]=Regkey : typelib\{1e1b286c-88ff-11d3-8d96-d7acac95951a}
    obj[8]=Regkey : software\classes\clsid\{1e1b2879-88ff-11d3-8d96-d7acac95951a}
    obj[9]=RegValue : software\classes\clsid\{1e1b2879-88ff-11d3-8d96-d7acac95951a} ""
    obj[10]=Regkey : software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\explorer\browser helper objects\{1e1b2879-88ff-11d3-8d96-d7acac95951a}
    obj[11]=RegValue : software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\explorer\browser helper objects\{1e1b2879-88ff-11d3-8d96-d7acac95951a} ""

    obj[7]=IECache Entry : Cookie:[email protected]/cgi-bin

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