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BPH setting up for the big time

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    What is different this drill to last one?
    heaps and heaps is now working in BPH's favor. way more than 2010.
    BPH should go to much higher prices if you ask me my bros.

    >1. gas prices are double what they were last time.

    "Industry figures told The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald gas prices being offered on long-term contracts remained between $8 and $9 a gigajoule. Ms Johns said 95.7 per cent of domestic gas sold on the east coast was under long-term contracts. Accordingly, price reductions for spot gas mean very little to Australian businesses and households, she said."

    >2. last time there were 4 companies you could trade in PEP11. now there is only 2 and BPH is the biggest tradeble holder and controller of PEP11. all the money will flow to it.

    >3. BPH had 22% interest in Advent last time, now 36%

    >4. Interest rates and finance were way more expensive then. commercial loans now only a few %.

    >5. Record number of traders in the market now.

    >6. East coast gas crisis means projects getting approved quicker. Government now offering loans and equity for gas explorers in East Coast. "Providing support, such as low-cost capital, for existing small and medium-sized gas companies to invest.".

    >7. The target Advent are going to drill looks to be right in the hot zone. @Ghp1 posted this info which is good. The top circle was the old well which looks like barren dirt. The bottom circle is the Baleen drill area right in the hot zone.


    BPH said it will drill in late 2020.

    Last time the time schedule was
    > 5 October 2010 they got NOPTA Approval
    > 8 December 2010 they drilled PEP11 Drilling
    Took 65 days between NOPTA and drilling.

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